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Maybe making music again..?

2017-06-15 04:10:14 by SlyFrost

So... it's been months since my rather weird 'exit', but I've returned with a new song. Whipped up in an hour or so. Feelings are off for the end of the piece tho. 

Nevertheless, enjoy Astray, meh new sang (:

Well rip music production

2017-03-21 05:16:24 by SlyFrost

Yeah I'm dead from the music production world rip

About my Music Production...

2017-01-10 17:11:45 by SlyFrost

My music isn't that good. I still don't know a lot, as you can tell from all the songs I've made. It's uninspiring to listen to and realise how shit it is compared to community standards. I know, this is a 'trial and error' thing. Really, I know these things. But I really don't think making music is one of my strong points. Considering the state of my stupid netbook, and not being able to pay for anything that'll help with my work ethic, I don't have much of a choice of where to go. I have to try to get recording software for FL Studio because it's only the free-version, and with the free version it disables the ability to save projects. That is why songs Attic, Fast and Quiver sound bad. They are recorded on my iPod Touch. Also, my parents (mostly my mother) doesn't want me to be a musician. "You can be something else", or, "Why not play an instrument?" (That last question is made from both mum and dad). It is very unmotivational, even though how badly I wanted to become a DJ/Music Producef then. But now I've practically given up: there's no point in making these tracks when the audio comes out crappy and I can't pay the expenses of getting the right equipment. My only choices are either quit, or keep making shitty music...


2016-03-30 01:01:19 by SlyFrost

Today marks my 1st anniversary on Newgrounds! I haven't done much productive stuff, but it's filled some of my time for these months!


2016-03-04 05:57:55 by SlyFrost

I know that no-one would ever look at my posts, so I'm practically talking to myself. So anyway, I do make music, but I can't figure out how to upload them. They'll probably destroy your ears anyway (;