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2017-04-11 08:28:13 by SlyFrost


Don't feel bad for me.

This is the end of a dead career. I guess it was good, but due to being inactive it's just taking up space on Newgrounds. Sorry whoever liked my music. I've got different plans now, ones that are more promising, fulfilling and fun.




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2017-04-11 10:51:07

I quit as well, though I do not have any future plans.


2017-04-11 10:59:24

Shame. Not even as a hobby? I keep thinking I'm quitting, myself, but then something big happens and I end up coming back to the DAW.

SlyFrost responds:

Not even as a hobby. The only time it was good was when I initially think the song is fun and cool, but upon listening just sounds shit.


2017-04-12 19:46:04

Hey, don't feel bad. Everyone goes through that phase. It's all a matter of finding the right tools, even if you have to scratch and claw and subvert the norms of nature's law to find them. And it depends too on what you want to do. If you listen to my stuff, it varies from shit, to slightly less shit, to half-decent. It's not always fun, of course, and at that point I usually just lay off for a while, but I would never encourage someone to quit if you get even a little enjoyment out of it. Most of the listenability in the music depends on mixing and mastering, so there's that too.